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太上感应篇 Tàishàng Gǎnyìng Piān

I.The Workings of Good and Evil II.How To Be Good III.What Happens To Good People IV.The Crimes of the Wicked (longest section) V.The Fate of the Wicked VI.Hope for Those Who Repent

The Discourse on The Ten Wholesome Ways of Action

Translated to Chinese by the Tripitakacarya Sikshananda from Khotan during the Tang Dynasty Translated to English by Saddhaloka Bhikkhu Key'ed in from hardcopy by TY with permission from publisher (Yan Boon Remembrance Commitee in Hong Kong)

《Standards for Students》

Preface Outline 弟子规 圣人训 首孝悌 次谨信 These standards for students are guidelines, handed down to us by Ancient Stages. First, obey and care for your parents, and then practice true brotherhood. 泛爱众 而亲仁 有余力 则学文 Learn to be careful and honest, and cherish all living beings. Draw near to good-hearted people, and study whenever you can.

《Tàishàng Gǎnyìng Piān 》

Unquestionably the most important literary genre for the vast majority of Chinese in later dynasties was the morality tract. Such works were generically called "good books" (shànshū 善书). These works were full of everything from claims about cosmic justice to hackneyed proverbs and tales of the fell fate of those who ignored them, from lamentations over the perpetually rambunctious young to injunctions against the drowning of unwanted infants, from potted biographies of moral exemplars to jingles about being kind to the senile.

《The Discourse on The Ten Wholesome Ways of Action》

Although that which is manifested by each (being) according to its actions is not the same, there is nevertheless really no creator in these (actions). Therefore all dharmas are inconceivable and inexpressible, their own nature is phantom like. The wise ones knowing this ought to cultivate wholesome actions. Through this the aggregates sense-bases and elements that will be given rise to, will all be upright and those who will see them will not grow tired of them.

《the Three-Character Classic》

Men at their birth,  are naturally good.  Their natures are much the same;  their habits become widely different. If follishly there is no teaching,  the nature will deteriorate.  The right way in teaching,  is to attach the utmost importance  in thoroughness. To feed without teaching,  is the father's fault.  To teach without severity,  is the teacher's laziness. If the child does not learn,  this is not as it should be.  If he does not learn while young,  what will he be when old ?