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Natural Dye

Variety of product type: Top dye, Garment dye, Piece dye, Dye stuff

Isatis dyeing
Tea dyeing
Madder dyeing
Pomegranate dyeing

Electro-Spun Membrane

Piled by thousands of nano fibers, creates the porous structure required for breathability. Electro-Spun membrane block liquid water but permit water vapor to pass through. SUPPER WATERPROOF, SUPPER BREATHABLE.

Electrospinning film
Electrospun film surface
Electrospun film cross section

Microporous Lamination/Coating

Micropore structure,hydrophobicity, none swelling, wear comfortable.

Microporous coating
Microporous lamination
Hydrophilic coating, film


Variety of printing technologies

Sublimation print
Nylon print
Print on membrane and coating

Foil Print

Heat reflective material(Aluninum) helps regulate your body temperature with little silver dots that reflect and retain the warmth your body generates, while dissipating moisture and excess heat to keep you comfortable。

Heat Reflective film

  • The characteristics of

    Thermal function

  • Scope of application:

    Ready-to-wear fabrics, lining


Water repellency

Durable Water repellence(PFC free)

  • The characteristics of

     Having a finish that resists but is not impervious to water

  • Performance of DWR:

    C6 DWR 80/20 ( 90 before wash, 80 after 20 times washes)

    C0 DWR 80/10 ( 90 before wash, 80 after 10 times washes)