Natural dyeing of Yunqing

Yunqing R&D has successfully developed a complete process for extracting pigments from Chinese herbal medicines and agricultural wastes 、 dyeing and finishing fabrics according to ecological and low-carbon processes. It has three invention patents.


The entire process has achieved zero emissions of hazardous chemicals, and more than 90% of the production water is reused.

The Dyestuffs & Auxilaries are all from natural materials.


Method (1): Enzyme 

Method (2): NaOH 、Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) 

Dye process: 

1. Natrual dyestuff 

2. Mordant

     ferric sulphate

     aluminum potassium sulfate

3. Fixing agent :Vitamin series

There are varieties of product type: dye stuff, piece dye, garment dye, top dye;

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